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Wed 12 March 2008

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Of all the responses to Zed's seminal work about Ghettos, I think that Obie has the only one worth reading. Reader Beware: Obie's article is well intentioned, but misguided. He provided a valuable axis of opinion for me.

I thought Zed's orginial post was difficult to read and understand to a Rails outsider (like myself). Zed recently updated this essay. I found it much more readable than the original. I believe this is in light of the various responses and particularly Obie's response.

Obie has a calming, clear way of communicating. Obie attempts to answer each of the questions which uninitiated people come away with. As far as I read, he doesn't answer any statements made by Zed. A friend pointed out the Comments section to me. After reading that, I clearly gave Obie a bit too much credit.

Obie tries to explain some of the difficulty involved in separating the content from the vitriol. This statement was particularly enlightening:


.. raw:: html

The rant was filled with tons of inside jokes and commentary that really only make sense to other clued-in Ruby people, stuff that comes across as just mean, stupid or crazy to everyone else. .. raw:: html

I just assumed that many of the things I didn't quite understand were covered by this section. For some reason, when I read it now, I don't see how I came to that conclusion. I did think, prior to this article, that Zed was a little crazy. However, despite my questions of accuracy, I now believe Zed's interpretation more than ever.


.. raw:: html

What is true perhaps, metaphorically, is that Rails has ghettos, and Zed made the mistake of attributing qualities of a ghetto to the whole. .. raw:: html

So, according to Obie, Rails has a ghetto. But it may not all be ghetto. Obie also tries to lighten the "blow" of Zed's vulgar display of power. Zed insists that his communicative statements are not whining, exaggeration or mere steam:


.. raw:: html

When people first read this rant they mistakenly assumed I was whining about not having a job and blaming that on Rails. I’m not whining, I’m not sick, or crazy, just pissed off and I can write about it so fuck you very much. .. raw:: html

I think the message is clear: "Rails will take away your property, your human rights and your freedom. It will put you in a low-value housing mess and force you to take up a job in purely finance. In finance all you own is large amounts of currency.".

Obie even said so:

.. raw:: html

Zed is happily employed by a major, household-name financial institution in New York City, where he comes into work everyday with a nice shirt and tie, and leads a Rails (yes, Rails) development team. .. raw:: html

*note: Zed, from the comments, doesn't consider himself to be leading a "Rails Development Team".

Zed on his job.

.. raw:: html

First, it's a JRuby project doing Rails and a \*bunch\* of other technology. Rails is a tiny little piece once you include Java, C code ... I'd actually have not gone Rails at all because of the heavy Java requirement it had. JRuby is a champ ... .. raw:: html

Zed on the value of his job.

.. raw:: html

.. raw:: html

So, I wear a tie except on Fridays and don't consider going to work a happy or sad thing, just a necessary evil of trying to survive until Web 2.0 implodes and people are desperate to put their money in an few ideas don't suck.

My conclusion, after all of the articles I've read: Welcome to the Ghetto, welcome to Rails.


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