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Fri 17 February 2006

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I have had the lovely experience of running Starcraft on Linux and having it work VERY WELL! I've wished for years that Starcraft was stable on Wine. Sometime in the last 4 years, it became stable and totally usable.

I thought I would try again since Wine is now in the 0.9 stage. I run Gentoo, so I had to unmask and compile 0.9. I also masked all of the older date-based builds.




=app-emulation/wine-0.9\*  ~x86

Next, of course, 'emerge wine'

37 minutes later, I found wine 0.9 to be very nice. The userspace utilities for managing it are coming along quite nicely, and it works very well. I used winecfg to setup all of my drive/mount points on my machine. It recognized everything and did a bang-up job.

The Starcraft installer was a dismal failure. Every run returned 'Error: program start menu missing'. I have no idea what I was doing wrong. I had a Start Menu. I tried a large number of things, including visiting the Wine Headquarters and looking for suggestions. One link mentioned installing something simple like mIRC, then all would work. No such luck. Next I attempted to install Mozilla Firefox The install crashed and died with 'Error installing Cross-Platform COM'. Oops. Oh well.

Changing strategy, I searched and found my old Win95 hardrive with Starcraft installed. [circa 1997, when I switched to Linux.] I kept it around because I would occasionally play Starcraft with my wife, so I would boot back to Win95. I haven't played in a long time, however, I tar'd up the contents, and untar'd to my Wine directory on my shiny Gentoo box running Wine.

After the untar everything worked immediately. It was awesome. Starcraft started and ran flawlessly. However, it only took up a very small area of one screen. I have a dual headed setup, so quit X, switched to 'game mode' which is a different X screen setup with only one head. Now Starcraft took off the screen resized. All was well.

I played for about 20 minutes, no problems and no memory leaks from what I could tell. w00t.


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