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Wed 24 April 2013

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who am I and what do I do?

I am Joshua Schmidlkofer. I have predominately lived in the North-Western United States. I have made myself at home in Oregon, Idaho and California. I have traveled to many of the Central and Western US States, as well as international travel to Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Albania and Thailand.

My wife and I married in 1998, and we have five children. I have been working with computers, Operating System, Development Software and software in general since I was about thirteen. I have written mostly utilities and scripts in C, C++, Pascal, Python, BaSH, and even a little Perl. I wrote a Linux IPsec management Webapp in Pylons

I got my first computer when I was fifteen years old, and my first job programming at age sixteen. (Foxpro DB programming - I was terrible at it.) I thought I wanted to be a developer - until I met a few real developers. Their prowess and abilities disabused me of this notion and I discovered a much deeper interest in infrastructure. I have good instincts, and though I don't often do development, when I do I prefer Python.

I joined the OpenSource Movement in ~1996 when I installed my first Linux machine. Linux was my only Desktop by 1997. Despite my use waxing and waning, I have never lost my love of Linux. Excellent laptop hardware design seduced me into using a MacBook Pro for my daily driver in The Year of Our Lord, 2005. Regarding development, one of my staff, Cliff Wells, talked me into trying Python in 1999. I almost immediately stopped writing in C because Python was so awesome, and it made me incredibly lazy.

computing in general

I think the future of most Small-business IT lies in Cloud-assisted or Cloud-driven infrastructure, with less and less internal resources being provided by IT staff. The so-called Cloud will become to IT workers as a Supermarket was to Milk-men and robotics are to assembly line workers. Eventually medium and large-scale business will find their own structures subsumed by "The Cloud", (or Platform/Software/Virtual Infrastructure As A Service). After all, this was heavily driven by a few heavyweights, such as Amazon, reselling internal business solutions as products, because they could and it made then-traditional colocated hosting almost superflous.

Hardware sales at the Small Business end are inexorably altering, mobile and Hybrid computing will become Business Critical. Faster Internet connections, improved communications and infrastructure will drive local businesses to increasingly rely on Cloud. This increased reliance should net a smaller annual cost with more predictable monthly recurring costs. Local IT guys will have to adapt. All of us will have fun exploring the future together.

The permanently-connected cloud will drive expansion of software capabilities to unimagined heights. This should be a season of tremendous growth in old dreams. Software which seems to understand the way in which you are using it, software which adapts to your needs and habits. Software use which becomes as natural as breathing. All of the focus which 1985 put on the personal computer, 2012 put on handhelds. At some point, these are going to converge and that is going to be exciting.

I want to be part of that revolution. I want to see where this is going, and I want to have a voice in it.

the future

Presently I am deeply interested about working with a team again. I want to help build a product or some cloud-focussed resource. I don't think I am startup material, not until my children are grown, but I am keen to work with good people on a worthwhile project and see some seeds grow into something awesome, well-used and worthwhile.


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