Typo Update

Fri 17 March 2006

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My Typo is aging a bit, and I have some strange problems. I have seen all my problems as closed tickets in the Typo Trac site. Everytime I try to update though, I get horrible rake errors, etc.

My good friend Nihilist gave me a hot tip that r761 was fairly stable. This seems to have been a good thing.

I also decided to update lighttpd. Gentoo Portage doesn't have 1.4.11, so I had to bump the ebuild, add it to Asylumware Portage and add it myself. No problem. I also put in a couple extras

xXxX@embassy ~/public_html/typo.r761 $ svn export -r761 svn://typosphere.org/typo/trunk
xXxX@embassy ~/public_html/typo.r761 $ rake migrate
....[excess trimmed]......
Extending content table
Converting pages
Updating all articles
Adding podcast metadata fields
Adding Redirect Table
NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE will create implicit sequence "redirects_id_seq" for serial column "redirects.id"
NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index "redirects_pkey" for table "redirects"
Setting published flag on each comment
xXxX@embassy ~/public_html/typo.r761 $


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