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Fri 01 December 2006

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I don't use Ruby much. I use PostgreSQL quite a bit. My blog pisses me off - lots of slow load times, lots of serious lag. Today, I did a "control-R" refresh in Firefox. Eleven (11) Seconds to load the page! It was awful.

Here is what I did....


embassy site-packages # vacuumdb -U superpg  -d jmstypoVACUUMembassy site-packages # psql -U superpg -d jmstypo \                  -c "reindex database jmstypo;"NOTICE:  table ......... was reindexed....REINDEX

Full load time: 3 Seconds

Referesh time: 1.5 seconds.

I am moving this blog in the next month or two. I want to put ruby onto a faster box. A 1ghz p3 just doesn't buy what it used to.


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