Typo Hell... (straight out da ghetto)

Tue 11 March 2008

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Typo is a Rails app. Rails is a Ghetto. While I'm not sure what it has to do with torturing the Jewish people, I think that Zed might be a Jew. I digress.

Rails is clearly caught in a ghetto. It's strange and suffers from strange documentation. One example of something well-known only to Rails people are the DB Migration steps:

    1. backup your db
    1. Install your update / new instance / whatever
    1. issue "rake db:migrate"

It wasn't known to me. Apparently it wasn't known to most of the Internet. How did I find the magical command "db:migrate"? I found it with the same steps I used to find almost all things about Typo: I crawled through blogs and groups and everything else. I have never found a single site that had concise documentation. Everything is simply people blogging about how a particular problem was solved. I have never found any upgrade guides. This search also found me another goodie: purge your sessions table before the 5.0.3 startup.

I think that the entire Rails documentation process is based on hype. Either you pay attention to the hype, or you're doomed. The way to understand it is to use it. The way to use it is either bloody or all-consuming. The hype is how the word is spread. Once I knew how to use the secret db:migrate, I found TONS about it.

Typo is the child of Rails. I couldn't find an upgrade guide, but I did find an upgrade guy. David, the Nihilist, Gibbons. He is my Typo/Rails upgrade guy. He has worked with Rails and for a while was the best sysadmin that PlanetArgon ever had. David has helped me with more simple problems than I can count.

The last problem which I had was errant notifiers in Typo. I tried (and failed) to post comments. I tried to see what was failing. I turned on debug mode. Nothing. Not a damn thing. I went into settings attempted to disable notification. It didn't work, but I didn't notice. Still no debug messages.

Well, at length David did a little SQL magic.

update users set notify_via_jabber='f';
update users set notify_via_email='f';

Wow. Well, his history with Typo gave him something that I didn't have: a mistrust for the admin interface. I don't blame the Typo people for this crap, but I do blame the lack of docs for everything else. I guess it's time to get out of the ghetto.


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