The Unexpected Gift of Incompatibility

Tue 08 September 2009

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Lesser Apps

Applications are like work habits or practices or anything else in life. The ones you have seem like the best when you find them. I have discovered - over and over - that my own desire for excellence is easily pleased but never satisfied. The darker side of this ambition leads to perfectionism, and the absence of it leads worthlessness. In both extremes you'll find identical results: mediocrity, insignificance and long-term failure.


I have been using MenuMeters for quite some time and I enjoyed it. Although the software answered questions and needs since it's install, it has never advanced. In fact, according to the FAQ, nothing new has happened since January 2006. I have been displeased with the lack of new features, or improved utility, or any sort of ongoing growth in the software. However, the fact that it worked and I didn't have to answer the problem put it into the "works-even-if-it's-not-ideal" category.


Snow Leopard brought out incompatibility, and with that it was time for change. I uninstalled MenuMeters prior to installing SNeopard, and therefore had no side effects. However, my O.C.D. need to bury my menu bar in seas of icons and text would not rest. Deliverance in the form of an email from a friend arrived this morning.


The interesting folks over at iSlayer have a variety of useful tools, though this is my first experience with them. I downloaded and installed iStat Menus. It's a beautiful thing. I don't know if it leaks memory, I don't know if it farks with SpotLight, I don't even know if it's going to crash when I sleep my Mac. What I do know is this.

  • It has all the graphs, measures and charts which I required.
  • It finally works with temperature. (Something which MenuMeters hadn't since Leopard.)
  • It shows definite signs of a tool which is moving and not stagnate.
  • It is free.
  • It's better in every way - so far.

I can always put up a post about the horrors of pogrom and ghettos if it turns out to be an evil socialist application. (e.g. if-Safari-needs-500M-so- do-I). However, the first blush indicates that i should have looked over there sooner!

Muchas Gracias Señor Piñera for your recommendations.


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