Tue 09 December 2014

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As as society

We're not interested, "as a society", in teaching virtue, but instead we're teaching suffrage. The most important people in our society are the wrong-doers. It is sold to us as our place of struggle. We revere any "satan" which crosses our path. The deranged, the drugged, the violent, any pathology will serve. We are not taught to be good people, we are taught that "Gun Violence", and Rape are issues which society must "come together to defeat". Many do not want us to hear that small, private, independent acts, of good will, good behavior, self-restraint and honesty will change the Nation. So, they commit small, private, independent, acts, of hubris, of malice, and of deceit in the name of fixing society.

In the end, we're ignoring "small insignificant crimes" in the name of fixing the large problems which are all built of the same.


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