Sat 31 May 2008

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I hate Microsoft. I truly do. These assholes are simply unbelievable. I cannot articulate the fury and frustration which I feel at this moment. Seriously. The insanity of whatever policy drives them is beyond the measure of intelligent people.

I cannot write a scathingly witty post about overcoming them. I have redacted this blog once, but this is beyond endurance.

A client has a Windows 2003 SBS network. They started out on "Volume Licensing", and the previous admin upgraded to a "2003 SBS R2 Retail" license. Let me tell you - THAT was a joke. You pay Microsoft to run an install off of a CD labeled "R2 Technologies". This ~$400 investment runs in about 10 minutes or less. The largest change is the "2003 SBS R2" *BRANDING*. The f*ck*ng BRANDING. That's right - half a dozen pictures which appear in places.

Whatever, we commenced the upgrade and transition to the Transition Pack. This leveraged our current investment, and actually allows us to virtualize. The problem is that the Transition Pack doesn't ship with an Exchange 2003 cd.

I do not have enough swear words to make this pain go away. Anyone who knows ANYTHING knows you cannot remove DS from an Exchange Server. You must first uninstall Exchange. Then you may remove/demote/whatever. Then you simply reinstall Exchange.

In our case, we want to move Exchange to server Two, DS to server Three and deprecate server One. We cannot. We don't have the media. The Exchange media which came with the SBS install requires installation on Windows 2003 SBS. Anyone who tells me I didn't plan ahead and "see what I got" deserves to be anally raped by rabid coyotes.

This is so stupid and frustrating. I paid $1400.00 to get a two CD pack which migrates SBS 2003 to 2003 Standard. It also came with paper that allows me to migrate Exchange 2003. Oh, and the "rights" to "buy" media from a "fulfillment" center.

Ripping off a product managers head and sh*tt*ng down his throat is more like fulfillment here.


Thu 01 May 2008

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Why is it that normal people don't run more successful projects? See this ticket regarding Paludis. Paludis is a C++ replacement for Portage. Portage is a squirrels nest and even though the ebuild system is pretty nice, portage itself is pretty lame.


In the interest of fairness, I ...

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Wed 12 March 2008

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Of all the responses to Zed's seminal work about Ghettos, I think that Obie has the only one worth reading. Reader Beware: Obie's article is well intentioned, but misguided. He provided a valuable axis of opinion for me.

I thought Zed's orginial post was difficult to read ...

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Tue 11 March 2008

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Typo is a Rails app. Rails is a Ghetto. While I'm not sure what it has to do with torturing the Jewish people, I think that Zed might be a Jew. I digress.

Rails is clearly caught in a ghetto. It's strange and suffers from strange documentation. One ...

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Tue 30 October 2007

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Listening is a diminishing skill in todays world. People are bombarded by ads and messages with such intensity that we develop our own ability to not hear. Dr Strangeloves 'CRM-114' discriminator is a picture of people in the modern world. The nasty side effects come mostly in interpersonal ways. We ...

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