Mon 16 November 2009

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I thought that the first season of "Legend of the Seeker" was bad. But, the second season is worse. The writers don't know anything about the characters, and they haven't really read the books. Terry Goodkind put some effort and thought into constructing a realistic world. The show is nothing at all. Who are the writers? Did they eat paint chips?

I feel bad for the actors, in this case. Dollhouse gets canceled, but LoTS gets a second season. I hate the show, and I am reporting via second-hand knowledge. I have tried on a few occasions to watch it, yet the resoundingly bad writing is unbearable. Time travel, ridiculous character gaps, and senseless changes to everything. I see this as confirmation of a simple truth: They are writing as they go. There is not a plan, no clever architecture, no vision for a *story*. Absolute lack of any coherent ideas or reasoned thought. The bad guys are weaksauce, the good guys laughable and the plot was scraped together from shake-n-bake style bad sci-fi orgies.

So, in short, do the world a favor. Ignore Legend of the Seeker. Just... turn away and find something pretty.


Tue 10 March 2009

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It's Daylight Savings Time - Again. Time for a new round of FAIL from Microsoft.

Windows Mobile

A clients' Verizon Windows Mobile phone has changed all the appointments for the foreseeable future to an hour later than originally scheduled.


Microsoft Entourage 2004, on my older PowerBook G4 is rendering ...

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Mon 23 February 2009

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Read any post you like. Read any _place_ you like. In 1994 it was "NTFS doesn't fragment by design, it never fragments". In the later 90's it was "ext3" or some other filesystem "doesn't fragment". Later, starting in 2000 - OS X doesn't fragment.


It started ...

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Mon 01 December 2008

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Oh. Wow. Michael Widenius said some trite things about the new 5.1 release. How can they be trite? Because the version numer changes, but the problems with MySQL Remain.

Holy crap. Look at the list of problems with MySQL. I have two customers left who use it. Sometimes I ...

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Mon 02 June 2008

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You have to give Microsoft credit. They were 66% correct. That's about 150% better than normal. Seriously. Todays fun is imported from the land of broken-wmi-crap.

the bug

After the super-exciting side affect of an asshat package manager, a Microsoft standard-issue-busted-software problem has cropped up:

Event Type: Error
Event ...
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Thu 01 May 2008

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Why is it that normal people don't run more successful projects? See this ticket regarding Paludis. Paludis is a C++ replacement for Portage. Portage is a squirrels nest and even though the ebuild system is pretty nice, portage itself is pretty lame.


In the interest of fairness, I ...

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Tue 11 March 2008

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Typo is a Rails app. Rails is a Ghetto. While I'm not sure what it has to do with torturing the Jewish people, I think that Zed might be a Jew. I digress.

Rails is clearly caught in a ghetto. It's strange and suffers from strange documentation. One ...

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Tue 30 October 2007

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Listening is a diminishing skill in todays world. People are bombarded by ads and messages with such intensity that we develop our own ability to not hear. Dr Strangeloves 'CRM-114' discriminator is a picture of people in the modern world. The nasty side effects come mostly in interpersonal ways. We ...

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Thu 18 January 2007

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Show up to work on Wednesday, say December 7th, for instance. Notice that everything in the office is gone. What do you think next?

  • a. Gee, I think that we were robbed. (Wait, the two expensive client-computers are still here).
    1. Gee, I think that the powers that be are firing ...
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Tue 14 November 2006

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Task: Upgrade Symantec Antivirus for Microsoft Exchange.
Diffculty: Symantec Continues to Suck.

Despite a clear desire to escape from these things it can be difficult. Todays installment brought a new error: "Please Insert Disk 1". Despite all my best attempts, I could not divine what disk '1' was/is.

After ...

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Mon 17 July 2006

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Microsoft Exchange, the pithy "message server of the masses". Running atop the 'venerable' Windows 2003 Small Business Server. It calmly neglects everything except it's beloved Outlook. Which in turn neglects everything except it's cancerous host: Windows.

Microsoft Assist (paid) phone support, separated by distance, culture, and of course ...

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Thu 22 December 2005

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The Ruby on Rails community seems like street preachers these days.

Talk to real-world programmers who run businesses and you are likely to come across strong sentiments about 'over-engineering'. These feeling will run deep and often are driven by a personal whimsy. It does not reduce their validity, it merely ...

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Sat 17 December 2005

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Security, or the process of attempting to protect computers is an imprecise science at best. How do you secure SSH?

  • Keybased Authentication

    • Strength: Difficult to break
    • Weakness: Carrying Keys Around
  • Kerberos

    • Strength: Less passwords
    • Strength: Can be used instead of passwords for many services.
    • Weakness: You can catch auth-sessions, then ...
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