Thu 20 March 2008

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We win again. I wanted to run Scalix for a client, inside of a VE/CT/whatever, and I tried using Fedora Core 7 to do so. I was unable to make the installer work and didn't see much in the way of help from Scalix. Here is a link to the Bugzilla page. (Login Required) Here are the important bits. Aside from discouragement I didn't get anything from Florian... Nothing except responses that was. No one else seems to give a damn if I even exist.

Whatever. The point is that with some minor extra-effort, Scalix does indeed work inside of an OpenVZ container on Linux. My host OS is gentoo, running 2.6.18-028stab053.

The Scalix package is pretty great, just up the Java memory once you have it running. The instances (two) on a system shared by two different companies work great. We migrated to Scalix from Kolab. Outlook users (all two) are happy. Thunderbird users didn't see too much of a change.

Yay for us.


Wed 06 December 2006

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Cliff's Latest Post references some cool news about PostgreSQL. Namely this:

IT KICKS MYSQLs A** IN PERFORMANCE TERMS AS WELL. (as everything else - e.g. features, consistency, startup-options, configurability, etc.)

No doubt someone is going to argue that this has to do with use pattern/configuration/(insert excuse here ...

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Fri 01 December 2006

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I don't use Ruby much. I use PostgreSQL quite a bit. My blog pisses me off - lots of slow load times, lots of serious lag. Today, I did a "control-R" refresh in Firefox. Eleven (11) Seconds to load the page! It was awful.

Here is what I did....

  • VACUUM ...
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Tue 28 November 2006

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I hate Apache. I really do. I refuse to vindicate that hatred. There are great aspects about it, but the things I want to do are hampered by things like the sewer-refuse-styled configuration syntax.

I like Nginx. It is fast, simple, and is amazing. It does proxy, reverse proxy, rewrite ...

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Thu 15 December 2005

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Command Prompt supplies the best replication available for PostgreSQL. They support it on RedHat and SuSE at the very least. So far, they have been willing to support Gentoo also. That is pretty hot.

I am working on getting it deployed. Along the way I'm producing some solid administration ...

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Wed 14 December 2005

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In MySQL you can use 'show databases' along with many other convenient 'show' commands. PostgreSQL is a different beast entirely. using real databases can be challenging if you grew up on MySQL.

Connect to the database with psql:

psql -U postgres template1
opsdb ~ # psql -U postgres template1
Welcome to psql ...

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