Fri 24 May 2013

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Dear Apple

I have been purchasing MacBook Pro's since 2007. I realized this week that I have no intention of purchasing another Mac. The retina display is what I want, but the lack of upgradability is a deal breaker for me. Additionally, my friend with a retina has the ghosting problem, and you will not fix it. The bovine-fecal-matter-esque quality test which they arranged is rather insulting. The MacBook Pro line offers resolutions too low to be interesting. I would buy a ChromeBook Pixel, but it has all the Retina problems plus drastically less storage. I would buy a Toshiba Kirabook, but it's only 13.3"s. Ubuntu gives me freedom from Windows, for all that I do enjoy OS X.

Out of five Macs, I have 2 lemons. I religiously buy AppleCare, but clearly that is not enough. My 2010 has had three logic boards, one new display and two super-drives, and the third Superdrive failed just out of warranty. My 2008 MBP 15.4 had failed logic boards, and many other components. I think we had, maybe, four superdrives in it. As of today, the 2008 will no longer even power-on. Other macs in my house - no problems.

My fourth Mac - 2011 Mac Book Pro, is a 15.4" with Hi-res. It has begun to show frequent display artifacts and I will have to take it in for it's first repair soon.

I continue to pay a premium to Apple, but I am increasingly disappointed in your product. My 2007 Macbook is solid. So far, my 2011/2012 13" MBP is working, and until last week, my 2011 15.4" has been perfect. My iPhone 3g, and my wife's 2nd gen iPod touch also function correctly.

At the very least, you have very poor prices for replacement parts once my equipment is unwarrantied. You're giving zero incentive for upgrade and demanding more and more in return.

In Conclusion

Your profits are up, your product line is growing weak, and you've heavily invested in a lawsuit with Android. From my chair, I wish the money and time which you have given to lawyers for lawsuits had been used to make my products better. Your retail stores are nice to visit, but utterly impersonal. There are some bright men and women, but there is no relationship. If you want to be a nameless, faceless place with which to do business, you need to be prepared for Google, or Microsoft, or anyone else, to eat your lunch. I can save a minimum of $300 per laptop purchase with any of your competitors and I have a disposable laptop for which I can expect to have some chance of reasonable part replacement. Ubuntu, and Linux in general, continues to get better and better - OS X is increasingly only good for single-screened devices.

Finally, my commiserating Apple Care support man did generously offer a $100 Apple-Store rebate. I feel sincere gratitude, but I am also a little offended that I can only use it at an Apple Corporate Store. From a long enough distance, it looks like the least attractive elements of Steve Jobs have seeped into your company. The life and vibrance of him is with you no more, but you're alienating everyone with anything close to a personal relationship. I mean no disrespect to Steve Jobs, his family, his friends or his enemies. I only mean to identify the pattern which Apple seems to be exhibiting.

There will be no Microsoft to save you from a second self-inflicted stupidity wound to the Corporate Person.


Thu 03 March 2011

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hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o ubuntu-10.10-netbook-i386.dmg ubuntu-10.10-netbook-i386.iso

tulkas:Public joshua$ diskutil list
   #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER
   0:      GUID_partition_scheme                        *500.1 GB   disk0
   1:                        EFI                         209.7 MB   disk0s1
   2:                  Apple_HFS Macintosh HD            371.5 GB   disk0s2
   3:       Microsoft Basic Data Joshua7                 128.2 GB ...

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