Spam - Watch that Gmail

Mon 17 July 2006

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Gmail is cool and everything. GmailFS is one example of the coolness of Google, and Gmail. Google tends to publish AJAX Api's for everything, making things extensible, even if XML Situps suck.

However, a new sucky thing (for me) has developed. I did not realize that the Google Spam filter was Bayesian. So, I have been happily training the HAM side, and neglecting to review the SPAM. Whoops! I primarily use Gmail to deal with Mailing Lists, it's so handy after all, and I have so far found over 500 conversations in the Spam Folder.

  • The Good: they are all marked with the appropriate labels.
  • The Bad: I have thus-far been unable to find a way to search through the spam folder.

The moral of the story is this: Google needs to provide a simple way to search through their Spam folder, and we should all stay on top of what's in there.


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