Snow Leopard Special

Wed 02 September 2009

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I have to say something

The most annoying feature to geek-users of Safari is the practice of uncompressing downloaded .gz files. I find the whole auto-unzip generally useful. It's a problem whenever I do things like downloading the latest pfSense. I need the original compressed tarball. It has a checksum which must match for clean upgrades. As we all know, Safari helpfully uncompresses it an leaves the tarball - a waste - for me.

Today I forgot the special right-click-Download-file step and ended up with more .tar files. There was a new behavior though. The original .gz files were in the Trash! That was good thinking. Not sure if this is a Safari change or a Sneopard change, but regardless. I like it.

Hurray for the last bastion of un-themeable GUIs and retarded iPhone Application Rejection policies. They got *one* thing correct.

Additional Note

I recovered roughly 14GB of disk space on my MacBookPro when I installed Sneopard. *impressive*. 14 gb. I just keep wondering: What the hell did it remove? I have not seen or heard of anyone else recovering so much. The best other than me was 12GB, so far. That is doing it right as well.


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