Sad Machines

Sat 27 January 2007

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Truly malicious people are not all that common. In the real world Hanlon's Razor holds very true indeed. In some of my more recent business dealings, I have come away demonized and to some degree, demonizing. However, in light of that most excellent piece of thought I have realized something: Malice only truly comes after a wrong - Real or Perceived.

How can someone you have actually had a close relationship with for years suddenly become convinced you are the Devil Incarnate? Some things are easier seen than explained and some things you have to take as a matter of course. I have fought the battle against bitterness last year (2006), and now, as the new year starts and the 0ld year passes from fresh memory, I have had to fight it again. Walking away from anything or anyone, in bitterness, is unmitigated stupidity.

Some people are just foolish, and some people are maliciousness-in-waiting. Having covered the injuries of the past with pride and lies, they are embittered by wounds to which they foolishly hold. Pride is the ultimate lie, the refusal to be seen for who you are. I would say, the refusal to be seen as you are in the eyes of God.

It's sad when relationships die. It's more sad when you let yourself become bitter. Bitter people are toxically infected with a disease that destroys all relationships, present and future. So, whatever comes, don't be bitter, forgive your enemies and be yourself.


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