Red Sky Morning

Wed 20 January 2010

Filed under Misc

"Can you 'resign yourself to fury'? Is it possible to 'finally capitulate into a supernova of action and decision'? It seems to me that I can. The sidewalk ended for me about 5 seconds and a million miles ago. My anger cuts into the world like a hull of solid oak, cleaving the ocean. Veins don't throb in my temples, they pound like the sea-drums of a Roman fleet, charging ahead at ramming speed. God-drums they might be called. I crush pitiful rafts beneath my prow. My mantra, silent and secret, reverberates behind my eyes. I don't sneak past, I cut through the water. A swimming shark who stalks, and lives, with every deft stroke. The heads of my enemies shall decorate spikes at the borders of my nation."


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