Rails 1.0

Sat 17 December 2005

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I am not convinced in the value of Rails. That really does color all of the feelings I have about Rails. This blog meets my two inflexible criteria:

  • Not written in PHP
  • Back-end in PostgreSQL

I upgraded to Rail 1.0 today, it was very simple. Actually, I just unmasked all of the pertinent Rails stuff, then let emerge do all the work. The upgrade went well, and I am happy. The above disclaimer may seem out of place, however I just wanted to make that note. =P.

I tried to go to Typo svn trunk. As far as I know, you run "rake migrate". That makes applies the database schema update, and updates the articles, etc, etc, etc. I have to say the trunk stuff looks pretty hot. However, I got lots of errors and I was left with a database useless to trunk, and unusable by 2.6.0.

I restored my db from backup, to a new database, re-pointed typo 2.6.0, and tested - 5x5. =) w00t for backups, and Rails being well behaved.


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