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Fri 01 September 2006

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This is a simple, but cool, recipe for querying Exchange from Postfix. This is used with a Windows 2003 Small Business Server, running (s)Exchange 2003.

We don't often use this, because of the obvious problem of being unable to receive mail when Exchange crashes or must be rebooted. It is nice though, and a straight forward solution.


bind_dn          = cn=Spamfilter User,cn=Users,dc=MySBS,dc=org
bind_pw          = kill$pam
scope            = sub
search_base      = dc=MySBS,dc=org
server_host      = ldaps://Server.MySBS.org:636
start_tls        = no
version          = 3
result_attribute = mail
query_filter     = (&(objectClass=user)(|(mail=%s)(proxyAddresses=SMTP:%s)))


firewall postfix #  postmap -q kelly@MySBS.org ldap:/etc/postfix/exchange_map.cf
firewall postfix #  postmap -q fakeuser@MySBS.org ldap:/etc/postfix/exchange_map.cf
firewall postfix #  postmap -q joshua@imrnet.com ldap:/etc/postfix/exchange_map.cf


relay_recipient_maps  =  ldap:/etc/postfix/exchange_map.cf

So, Kelly exists, but fakeuser, and Joshua are (mysteriously) absent.


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