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Thu 08 February 2007

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I have been building OpenVZ kernels on Gentoo for a while now. Recently while attempting to build Openvz-sources-028.015 most of the VE options disappeared. I looked online but did not find anything. As usual, the OpenVZ folks recommend downloading the pre-packaged config.

Stymied by the online forums, (after about 2 minutes of exhaustive searching), I decided to Use The Source(tm).

eregion  /usr/src/linux # find -name 'Kcon*'|xargs grep -i 'VZ'
...(output truncated)....
./kernel/Kconfig.openvz:menu "OpenVZ"
./kernel/Kconfig.openvz:        select VZ_DEV
./kernel/Kconfig.openvz:          This option controls how to build vzmon code containing VE calls.
./kernel/Kconfig.openvz:          By default it's build in module vzmon.o
./kernel/Kconfig.openvz:config VZ_GENCALLS
./kernel/Kconfig.openvz:        select VZ_DEV
./kernel/Kconfig.openvz:        select VZ_DEV
./kernel/Kconfig.openvz:config VZ_DEV
./kernel/Kconfig.openvz:          This option adds support of vzdev device, which is used by
./kernel/Kconfig.openvz:config VZ_WDOG
./kernel/Kconfig.openvz:          This option controls building of vzwdog module, which dumps
./kernel/Kconfig.openvz:config VZ_CHECKPOINT

Having found what I was looking for, now I examined the file to discover what what blocked me:

config VE
        bool "Virtual Environment support"
        default y
        depends on !SECURITY
        select IPC_NS

The !SECURITY clued me in, so I looked in Security Options, then I disabled Enable Different Security Models.

Afterwards, the normal VZ options returned, and my kernel built w/o errors.


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