NGinx + Tracd

Tue 28 November 2006

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Tags Cool PostgreSQL Python Security

I hate Apache. I really do. I refuse to vindicate that hatred. There are great aspects about it, but the things I want to do are hampered by things like the sewer-refuse-styled configuration syntax.

I like Nginx. It is fast, simple, and is amazing. It does proxy, reverse proxy, rewrite, ssl, and everything else. Cliff Wells cooked up a wiki. As linked before, it cleans up when facing off with Apache, Pound, Lighttpd, etc. It has all the core features that sane people need.

I just wrote a recipie for Trac + Nginx over at Edgewall. Trac + Nginx + PostgreSQL Kicks ass.

Note: I still use Apache for mod_dav_svn, and a mod_python only application. (But that will be fixed soon enough). SVN is another question entirely.


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