MySQL Sucks

Mon 01 December 2008

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Oh. Wow. Michael Widenius said some trite things about the new 5.1 release. How can they be trite? Because the version numer changes, but the problems with MySQL Remain.

Holy crap. Look at the list of problems with MySQL. I have two customers left who use it. Sometimes I have ended up using it for small projects, even in the fairly recent past. No more.

Should is use MySQL: No.

Should I use it for internal company projects: No.

Should I use it for my blog: No.

What should I use instead? - See above.

But the king of all reasons to skip this so-called product:

The MySQL server team have a bug fixing policy where a bug that has existed a long time has a lower priority 'because people know about them'. This is supposedly one of the reasons why the Bug#989 mentioned above has not been fixed.

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