My Letters to the Federal Legislators

Thu 26 May 2011

Filed under Politics

Dear ,

Please stand against the Patriot Act, let it expire. Please stand against granting new/additional or ongoing war powers to the Executive Branch of Government. Some of the foundations for our Bill of Rights are already being breached by the TSA. We are losing our liberty for nothing.

This is the future of our entire civilization. Please have the courage to stand against tyranny. Stop the Patriot Act. Stop the TSA. This is an embarrassment to all that we are. Please don't steal from the future of America by fearing the Liberty which so many have bled to ensure and protect.

Take sane and rational action. Please band together with other legislators in their efforts to uphold The Constitution of our Republic and hold the Office of President accountable for the sworn oath of office to uphold our core beliefs.


Joshua Schmidlkofer


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