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Tue 23 April 2013

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nobody effing cares about this

Welcome to Office 2013™. Home & Business Edition™ - and Welcome to your compulsory Live™ account.

Is this OEM?

[This PC ships with 2010 pre-installed, download 2013, loser.]

Are you setting this up for someone else?


Would you like to interrogate them for the type of personal information which get's you half-way to Identity Theft?


Aren't you excited that your Microsoft™ Account get's you Xbox-Live™ connections and SkyDrive™?

[You want to have our babies?!]

Setup a Password - It has to be upper and lower case, with Numbers!


Oh! Check your email! You have to do this, before you can download the software

[Don't you love us more!?]

Oh! Sorry! That's the wrong password!




*Unable to Sign-IN*

Oh! We're Sorry! Check your email for a link!

Welcome to Password Reset! What password would you like?


Ha! Try a Password you've never used before!



Tricked you! There is no solution. LibreOffice? I have recommended it to a few users. It lacks many things which Microsoft™ Office™ has, including compulsory on-line/cloud accounts. It is getting faster, more nimble, and is a growing possibility for small/micro businesses.


I have no direct knowledge about real-world compatibility status. Since I couldn't find a trivial way to downgrade the H&B licenses, we're runnign 2013 and hating it.


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