Tue 10 March 2009

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It's Daylight Savings Time - Again. Time for a new round of FAIL from Microsoft.

Windows Mobile

A clients' Verizon Windows Mobile phone has changed all the appointments for the foreseeable future to an hour later than originally scheduled.


Microsoft Entourage 2004, on my older PowerBook G4 is rendering dates, and /hour/ in the future. I caught it when an email I sent was CC'd to my Gmail account, and the account said, "11:16 AM (-57 minutes ago)". Special.

Windows Mobile

Another clients' BRAND NEW Windows Mobile Phone, running Palm, on DST-Day, experienced EPIC FAILURE and had to have the firmware reloaded. (???) If it wasn't THE day when they turned it on, I would not blame DST.... but.... Also, after speaking with them, I am really unclear on whom to blame. I haven't followed the latest Palm stuff, but is this actually Windows problem?

Windows Mobile: ceTwit

vkoser writes about a problem with date math in ceTwit - and, I am just going to blame Microsoft because of their consistent steaming piles on this one.


So far, I have heard of no new Zune problems, but the leap-second bug deserves a second mention. Well played Redmond. Nice quality control.

Wrap up

Well, that's about it for todays "Microsoft Sucks" rant. It's been a decade already, and they still have bi-annual issues with dates. Remember DST 2007? That was a FUBAR mess. Turned out that Exchange with OWA didn't put proper TZ info on _some_ calendar entires, and and Mac/Entourage users were totally boned. You had to have an Outlook client, on Windows, to properly affect the fix. I know some admins who had to restore after the run. The tests went well, but the production run screwed everyone.

Last DST change I had three clients with messed up appointments. Not all appointments, about 5% of them. A secretary had to audit all of them. We finally back dated a PC, and it did work. We printed out and compared in order to locate the problems. EXCHANGE AND OUTLOOK SUCK!


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