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Fri 13 February 2009

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Today, all the Mac are belong to Apple. We changed the servers hostname. FAIL. After the change, we were unable to control / use the Blogs or calendars. In the process, we ended up renaming a group, due to a misspelling. After all that, nothing works.

Here are things we learned.


  • Config: /etc/apache2
  • Date: /Library/WebServer
  • wiki: Proxy to localhost:8087/groups


  • Config: OpenDirectory (Workgroup Manager)
  • Data: /Library/Collaboration

Process Control

  • wiki:
  • apache: org.apache.httpd.plist

Process Monitoring

  • dtruss -f -p [pid]

  • locate pid: launchctl list|grep wiki

    6141    -

    e.g. PID 6141


  • Roundcube is much cooler than SquirelMail. (d'uh).
  • This Link has a link to a PDF which shows the step-by-step for installing Roundcube.
  • Set an alias on your mail site: "/webmail -> /path/to/roundcube"


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