Linux: Dynamic Driver Binding

Tue 23 May 2006

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Linux is pretty awesome, but sometimes manufacturers and hardware can be a pill. On such instance are LSI Logic MegaRAID controllers. From Dell PERC to HP NetRAID to off the shelf stuff, these can be the bane of your existance.

Today I have the mispleasure of dealing with one that is partially/not-really supported.


      livecd ~ # lspci
      01:02.0 0104 RAID bus controller: American Megatrends Inc. MegaRAID (rev 21)
      livecd ~ # lspci -n
      01:02.0 101e:1960
      livecd ~ # echo "101e:1960" > /sys/bus/pci/drivers/megaraid_legacy

      That pretty much covers it, the long hand it this:

      • Locate the device PCI address, using lspci
      • Use 'lspci -n' to locate the PCI Device ID. (Hint: The PCI Address remains the same.)
      • echo 'XXXX:XXXX' into the 'new_id' node inside the proper sysfs pci/drivers driver directory.


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