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Tue 28 September 2010

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WTF Am I Saying

We're obsessed with the Presidency and we've let the core of our Republic, the Legislative Branch, go to the dogs. They squabble and bicker like children, they lack critical thinking skills and they're winning because they have a haircut, a nice suit, and a good soundbite.

Why They Hate

I haven't heard anyone talking about this, but I think I know why 'certain' people are up in arms about the so-called Tea Party Movement. During Barak Obama's (B.O.'s) candidacy there was a Democratic Astro-turfing campaign. The biggest names and the biggest money in the US, and some say, the WORLD, were used to fund and spread his message.

The Democrats

Hillary Clinton could make a *much* better leader than B.O.. I don't care about politics in this statement, simply practical observation. She violated her relationship with America in some fundamental way and that is why she was unsuited. However, leadership-wise, she would have been more capable, I think. In the end, she had to throw in with the B.O.'s camp in order to ensure an internal Party win - something no Democrat seems to naturally do. I do find it ironic that to the most cynical minds it was a debate: are we better racists, or better sexists?

The Alienating Missteps

Finally, there is a large core of moderates observing how B.O.'s commitment to transparency is as non-existent as our former President Bush's. We still have "secret evidence" court, which I think is flat out terrifying and unconstitutional. We still have the suspension of rights for people labelled Terrorist - even U.S. Citizens. I would develop this further, but it's not my main point.

We (the people) have all the same "Money", in all the same places, greasing all the same palms. Oh, and we're also burning through more money to boot! B.O. and Pelosi's stimulus act is more expensive than eight years of war in Iraq. I would like to point out that the CBO is only concerned with dollars and cents. There is a cultural approval expense as well which must be reckoned. B.O. is going JImmy Carter on our countries pocket book, people are getting pissed.

The Tea Party

The Tea Party is self-motivated and self-organized. Politicians are deciding to join a movement rather than creating a movement. The people who love B.O. are /jealous/ of this movement. They didn't get to have one. The core nature of this side of the fence is more cohesive, for many reasons. So, now it's the little-guy (The Tea Party), fighting large media and large money, to produce political change from a low-level. But this little guy is a whole LOAD of little guys who are able to put aside the small differences for the big picture.

Finally, the people of the Tea Party have some money of their own. They don't have to appropriate it from others in order to fund their work. I think that self-will+self-funding (due to sound financial management)+low-level-grass-roots is creating an actual tidal wave of response.

The Tea Party represents what is terrifying and great about America. The unified action of the people is more powerful than all the office or authority anyone can attain. Glen Beck is controversial, as is Palin. But, neither of them *is* the movement, that's what's making the Democrats jealous. We don't need another hero.


I hope that every politician who has been enacting legislation without reading it gets kicked out of Washington. For starters they did this with UCITA, and the Patriot Act. Recently they did it with Obamacare, and people like Nancy Pelosi are guilty of saying "You have to pass a bill to know what's in it". *boggle*. This is reminiscent of Ted Kennedy (may he rest in peace) announcing to his colleagues that "in high school I learned about the two branches of government".

People like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi these so-called "leaders", exhibit no clear vision, no leadership, and frankly no clear thought. It is neither kind nor cruel to say: get them out of office. Sometimes it seems that they don't grasp orderly, functional government. I interpret their actions as an utter disregard for anyone who finds success. I only hear talk of the "less fortunate". It's demeaning to be punished when you have put every ounce of effort into providing for your family. You quit things you can't afford, etc, etc. You bear pain and you endure. Nancy Pelosi only see's the plight of the unemployed. Couple that with long-term appointments and the proclivity in all Parties and individuals of corruption and I think we need new people.

Sorry for the poor grammer, the undeveloped ideas, the lack of attribution and the general host of other things which make this my personal blog article instead an editorial.

Good Day

The only point in writing this... essay... is to try and figure out what the last four-years of political events means to me. I get a much better grasp of my own thoughts if I try to communicate them. Please don't mistake this for clear thought or finished thought.

After reading this, I find these conclusions.

  • I distrust the Democratic Party more than the Republicans, but not that much more.
  • I like some of the things the Tea Party appears to represent more then either the DNC or the GOP.
  • I really dislike and distrust our Legislative Branch, and the leaders in particular.
  • The core points that Obama has not done much with are the ones I feel as the most important.


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