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Wed 22 January 2014

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Dear Governor

Dear Governor Kitzhaber,

I know that you are focussed on internal issues. Most of what you publicly state has little to do with national politics. Under your tenure and on your watch, the Federal Government has run fast and loose on a drunken power grab. The Governors - Chief Executives of each State - have largely been quiet on these issues.

As an Oregonian who wants to raise my children in a country with Liberty and Justice for All, I urge you to speak with your fellows. Condemn the unilateral actions of our current President and his out-of-control Executive Branch. Since the Depression we have increasingly complied with excessive Federal Regulation. We are facing the worst economic crisis that the world has ever known, and people like Paul Krugman have only increased the insanity. Power is centralizing, money is crumbling, and the States are not taking ownership of their piece of these waiting catastrophes.

I urge you to take time to make careful, critical assessment of our national policies. I urge you to put aside party lines and forget the thinly veiled tissue of difference between a Democratic or Republican Totalitarian State.

You have not been seen standing for the Bill of Rights. You have not been seen standing for the Separation of Powers. You have not taken noticeable stands on any issue whatsoever. I am generally a fan of boring-Government-is-good-Government, but we need State, County, Local and Individual responsibility to become a modern issue. You have the power to affect these matters. If we are concerned about our responsibilities, we will not lightly turn out our pockets and our rights for a Federal Tyranny. Edward Snowden and Vladmir Putin have done more for the American people than the Executive Branch of Government. Edward Snowden is the ONLY reason we have knowledge and a growing debate of President Obama’s endorsement of the absolutely vile invasion of our lives. Vladmir Putin single-handedly stopped Kerry and Obama from their hell-bent desire to bomb Syria.

We continue to write the Federal Government a blank check to perform any action uncontested. Please stand up for the Rights of our State. Please stand up for Responsibility in Oregon.


Joshua Schmidlkofer

Oregonian, Father, Business Man


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