Gentoo vs. Wireless

Wed 15 March 2006

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My old laptop is broken. It took many abuses. The flickering backlight on the screen. The little black plastic chunks that fell out now and again. The way the harddrive wouldn't stay powered on the battery. *sigh* Those really were the good old days. The 'good old days' ended abruptly when my dear wife decided the laptop needed a short fall off the arm of the couch onto the floor. Even more exciting was it landed on the Lucent Orinoco Gold card. it got pushed an extra inch into the fragile innards of said laptop.

Now, I have a new laptop, thanks to my good buddy Tim. It's a bit wonky, and occasionally the screen freaks out, but I think that something is loose, and perhaps I can fix it. The important bit was the price: $0.00. w00t! All my favourite toys cost no dollars.

It came with a bran-spanking new Orinoco -Gold card. Not the latest, but respectable none-the-less.

Whatever your particular bent is, see: my Trac Wiki for the details.


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