Gentoo: The Bastard

Tue 21 March 2006

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I may not be much of a shell scripter, or a programmer. However, I wrote a utility that saved me more than 30 minutes of time tonight. The Bastard does mass unmasking and keywords overrides for portage packages. Who needs this? People who wish to run Gnome 2.14 before it's unmasked. Lots of the tools will be hardmasked due to a common practice of using shotgun-style keywords:

gnome-base/gnome   ~x86

In this case, a hard-mask is nessecary. Emerge will report this too you when you run it on a masked package. [Keywords or hard mask]. So I wrote a little utility to repeteadly run emerge, catch the output and update /etc/portage/package.keywords and /etc/portage/package.mask. Nice. =).


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