Mon 16 November 2009

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I thought that the first season of "Legend of the Seeker" was bad. But, the second season is worse. The writers don't know anything about the characters, and they haven't really read the books. Terry Goodkind put some effort and thought into constructing a realistic world. The show is nothing at all. Who are the writers? Did they eat paint chips?

I feel bad for the actors, in this case. Dollhouse gets canceled, but LoTS gets a second season. I hate the show, and I am reporting via second-hand knowledge. I have tried on a few occasions to watch it, yet the resoundingly bad writing is unbearable. Time travel, ridiculous character gaps, and senseless changes to everything. I see this as confirmation of a simple truth: They are writing as they go. There is not a plan, no clever architecture, no vision for a *story*. Absolute lack of any coherent ideas or reasoned thought. The bad guys are weaksauce, the good guys laughable and the plot was scraped together from shake-n-bake style bad sci-fi orgies.

So, in short, do the world a favor. Ignore Legend of the Seeker. Just... turn away and find something pretty.


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