Firewall: Shorewall 3.0

Fri 16 December 2005

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Tags Cool IPsec

Shorewall firewall is the nicest/most complete firewall I have used. Back in the day I rolled my own. However, as ipfwadm became ipchains and that too passed into iptables I became aware of a basic fact: Firewalling's needs and habits change too fast for my brain to handle. To make matters more exciting, no firewall I configured could be changed by anyone without special knowledge. Enter Shorewall. It's not GUI or perfect. It is without doubt a functional, feature rich work in progress. I have been using it since 1.2. It has grown and changed and adapted with remarkable speed. The overall config has been very nice and along the way things have improved greatly. Tom Eastep the founder, is a really great guy behind it. He started it, quit, and has since been blessed by good men. The dependancies are still just iptables, iproute2 and bash. That is hot!

Shorewall 3.0 Migration


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