Exchange Sucks Today

Mon 17 July 2006

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Microsoft Exchange, the pithy "message server of the masses". Running atop the 'venerable' Windows 2003 Small Business Server. It calmly neglects everything except it's beloved Outlook. Which in turn neglects everything except it's cancerous host: Windows.

Microsoft Assist (paid) phone support, separated by distance, culture, and of course, source code, fails to be able to address most Exchange issues which don't already have a fix in the Microsoft Support site.

When you call support, it's reasonable to expect that if an existing TID could fix it, you would have found it rather than piss away two bucks and change ($250 - $500) on a support ticket. Despite that, every IT man worth his salt would never contest the right and desire of support to see to the basics before proceeding to the difficult.

Today's incident began in June of '05, and continues today. Microsoft Exchange 2003, running on Small Business Server 2003. Service Pack 0, Service Pack 1 and now, improved with Service Pack 2. We have a lingering Information Store crash. Now we need evidence that Exchange Sucks. (Or, is my issue with Microsoft, Support, Closed Source software.....)

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