Evo2Sieve - Converting Filters

Wed 06 September 2006

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My lovely wife has been using Evolution for some time now. We use Gmail lots anymore, but she still has lists and other traffic bound for Evolution on our Cyrus IMAP server. One continuous problem is the crappy filter problems with Evolution.

Cyrus provides a usable solution for this, Sieve. It is a complete and usable script tool. Here was the problem: IT'S OBSCURE. Sieve has no really nice utilities or specific integrations that are very nice.

I can write a sufficient scriptl, but I cannot teach Colette to do so, so I have been left with her running Evolution and depending on the flaky filter behaviour.

No more, I wrote the initial, very RAW version of evo2sieve.py. It depends on Gnosis XML Utilites and is actually a decent start at solving the problem.


  • Managesieve integration, which sucks because it doesn't work out of the box, and the Cheeseshop install is broken.
  • Optparse support to allow actual command line options.
  • Minor GUI support to monitor and allow change management


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