An Open Letter, to OpenDNS

Wed 05 March 2008

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I am having more and more problems with OpenDNS. I have dropped it's

usage at my house, and I am dropping it all my business locations.

Your "website is down thing" is not only a huge pain in the ass, but

it's generally wrong.

1 in 10 are right. The other 9 are erroneous reports that Google

spreadsheets or docs or gmail is down. It's asinine. I have been

using OpenDNS for a long time, but this shit is busted.

I use Verizon at home, and my colleagues use Comcast and Qwest and

SpeakEasy. All of us are having an escalating case of the

"not-quite-working-rights". Cliff - my friend - dropped you last week

due to spurious outage reports. Once I get redirected to your site, I

have a whole new dimension of pain, since it poisons my DNS servers.

I want to shout expletives [at you] when DNS get's hosed. I want to

make hating your service a religion. It's funny how aggravating DNS

anomalies can be. I would rather deal with my providers consistent

shit than someone else's bowel-cramping madness.

I loved your past client-centric focus. I loved the speed and

response time. Your service was great. You are ruining DNS.

  • Signed



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