Amazingly 1337 Gmail Searches

Wed 04 August 2010

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My Problems

Since all of you, like me, use Gmail - Having abandoned dignity and surrendered and amazing amount of personal information to the matrix - you will likely need to search. Sometimes the searches are harder than others. For instance, eventually you want to search for mail from "" and "" simultaneously. Gmail is conveniently designed to assist with this!

An Example

Open Gmail, login and click the search box above your mail

in:inbox OR

Congratz. You did it. You can search for TWO People at once. Now, imagine that you signed up for a bunch of retarded sites which require logins. These same sites send you lots of crap via email, and they use a variety of names. For the sake of argument, let's assume the following list:

My SCE's

  • Storage Channel Advisor
  • SQL Server Advisor
  • Database Weekly

A Better Example

So, I tried a search like this:

OR from:Storage Channel Advisor
OR from:SQL Server Advisor
OR from:
OR from:Database Weekly

Try to search for that and you discover MAGIC.

I farked about and found the magic sauce.

from:("" OR ""
OR "storage channel advisor" OR "sql server advisor"
OR "" OR "database weekly"
OR "" OR "")

Now the results are more promising....

Parting Shot

I just want to point out, I use the 'Quick Links' search, and I prepended an "in:inbox". This way I can efficiently filter my mail w/o actually entirely ignoring it.


  • SCE: Solicited Commercial Email


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