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Tue 26 January 2010

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Editors Note

This is unfinished, but I am leaving it as "Published", because it's being used for reference. Sorry for omissions and misspellings.


This is superceded by recent changes, or more brilliant technical people. You do not have to unpack the .jar files - a step which I personally found *INSANE*. It works fine w/o it. Just always apply the latest stable prior to applying the Hotfix.

Patching Ahsay 5.5.5.x

This is a short blurb about patching Ahsay backup, for Windows users of the 5.5.5.x product release.


Ahsay online backup is my favorite backup for a variety of reasons. I use it and I encourage my business customers to use it. It is priced affordably and it's fairly agnostic about *what* get's backed up.

High Points

  • NAS-device support. e.g. Thecus 4100, 5200, etc. These can run Ahsay OBS natively, thereby making a 4+TB backup server w/ replication a cost-effective possibility. Businesses who deal in large documents and pictures need massive amounts of disk space. Servers with adequate storage are already costly, but backup capacity can drive costs outside budget requirements. NAS-device support makes a significant cut to the overall backup-budget.

  • Mac / Windows / Linux and even Netware are supported as client operating systems.

  • The OBSR, or backup-server process, may be hosted on Windows or Linux.

  • Every OBSR comes with Replication - for FREE.

What Sucks

Ahsay, as of this writing, does two things very poorly.

  • Windows 2008 System State backup doesn't work w/o Third-Party software.

  • Patching the server and the clients is tedious and the documentation is a little unclear.

Other Area's for Improvement:

  • MS-SQL Backups are mediocre. Ahsay is functional but incomplete in the nature of support, particularly when restoring. For a simple daily backup with hands-on restore, it's adequate.

  • The Unix/Linux/Mac job scheduler is useless.

  • Mac Desktop backups are not easy to work with if you have traveling laptops.

  • Entourage is the devil.


Acquire the latest Stable or Hotfix release from Ahsay-Pedia. Click the gigantic orange "Enter" button. Find the Hot Topics, and click FAQ: How to install the latest patch set or hotfixes to AhsayOBM or AhsayACB?.

Find How to install the latest patch set / hotfixes to AhsayOBM in the Table of Contents.

Download the release you want. Unzip it. Today, January 26th, 2010, you have these files:

  • bin/obc.jar

  • bin/obcc.jar

  • bin/obcs.jar

This is the unclear part: You must unzip the obm-fix.zip, then you must unzip the JARs as well!.

    1. Uncompress the hotfix zip file you downloaded.


  • 2. Rename the files, add a ".zip" extension. i.e. obc.jar -> obc.jar.zip


    1. Uncompress into folders.


    1. Next we stop services and copy files.



  • AutoUpdateAgent (Ahsay Online Backup Manager)

  • Continuous Data Protection (Ahsay Online Backup Manager)

  • Online Backup Scheduler (Ahsay Online Backup Manager)

  • Exit Ahsay, if you have the OBC client or System-Try application running.

Find your AhsayOBM 'bin' folder. Rename the 'jar' files which you are replacing. image4.

Now copy the new FOLDERS in, which should end up looking like this:



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