Ahsay Backup Behind Nginx (w/ SSL Proxy)

Fri 22 February 2008

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In order to get Ahsay working behind and SSL proxy which passes traffic to port 80, you have to modify your conf/server.xml and set a few settings on ol' Nginx.

Add to your server.xml, non-SSL connector declaration

scheme="https" secure="false" proxyPort="443" redirectPort="443"

nginx config section

    proxy_redirect  http://archive.myisteam.com      https://archive.myisteam.com;
    proxy_redirect  http://archive.myisteam.com:80   https://archive.myisteam.com;
    proxy_redirect  https://archive.myisteam.com:80  https://archive.myisteam.com;


Apart from that, it's perfectly normal

Special thanks to Cliff Wells. For Tireless effort in the face of java.

Thanks as well to the Apache Documentation efforts. Tomcat Connector Docs


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